sheet vinyl vs. polymer flooring


Sheet Vinyl
(+) Soft, Ergonomically comfortable
(-) Not Recoatable
(-) More porous than seamless polymer flooring
(-) Resistant to rolled loads (harder to roll equipment around)
(-) Welded seams vulnerable to traffic
(-) Not repair friendly
(-) Specialized installation (harder to find qualified installer)
(-) Very little tear resistance
(-) Voids behind cove base along perimeter and in corners
(chance of puncture increases risk of microbial propagation)

Polymer Flooring
(+) No Seams
(+) Easy to clean - Significantly reduced maintenance
(+) Repair friendly
(+) Skid resistant surface
(+) Better resistant to chemicals / staining / Blood / Betadine
(+) More durable / High impact resistance
(+) Anti-Microbial protection built-in
(+) Solid, monolithic cove base is troweled into place and is actually part of the floor ( no voids)
(+) Lower Roll Resistance - Reduced back injuries
(+) Competitively priced


For many years the most commonly specified flooring material in the medical field has been sheet vinyl with heat welded seams. Polymer flooring offers substantial benefits over such systems without substantial increase in cost.

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