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Seamless Heavy-Duty Food Service Flooring

Polycrete Positives:

  • kitchenSeamless - no joints to harbor dirt & bacteria
  • Thermo Shock Resistant - withstands extreme temperature ranges during service & cleaning.
  • Chemical Resistant - stands up to grease, alkalis, and food and mineral acids.
  • Skid Inhibition - provides variable degrees of skid resistance.
  • Odor free installations - can be accomplished while adjacent areas are open
  • Durable High Impact Resistant - unlike Quarry Tile, Polycrete absorbs direct impact by distributing the loads throughout the system.
  • Meets USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards
  • Easy Maintenance - seamless
  • No Leveling Bed required - before installation of the system
  • Can be installed over Existing Concrete and Quarry Tile
  • Typical installation can be accomplished in 2 to 3 days
  • Protects occupied areas below - from water/liquids intrusion
  • Repairs are easy and can be installed in a 24 hour window
  • Typical installed costs Comparable to Quarry tile
  • Standard two year warranty - most floor systems offer a one year warranty
  • Multiple color selections

Polycrete Negatives:

  • NONE

Quarry Tile Negatives:

  • Brittle - cannot withstand heavy impact
  • Grout joints collect dirt and bacteria - difficult to clean, use a darker grout to minimize dirty look of the grout
  • Joints break down - allwing water intrusion to the underlying setting (mud) bed.
  • Leveling (mud) Bed acts as sponge-absorbing contaminating liquids that leak through cracked tiles, and deteriorated grout, leakage problems often remain undetected until the damage has spread over large areas.
  • Three (3) layer system - 1. leveling bed 2. quarry tile 3. grout
  • Repairs are costly and time consuming
  • Standard Quarry Tile - smooth and slippery in wet environments
  • Standard on year warranty

Quarry Tile Positives:

  • Comfortable with the appearance of the "tile look"
  • Tile is well known in the market - frequently specified in construction specs "familiar"


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