FSR Fuller Substrate Resurfacer

System Overview:

The FSR repair system is comprised of liquid Elastomer Modified 2­component high build epoxy membrane.

The membrane relieves stress that occurs when a substrate shifts or cracks, greatly reducing crack transmission through the topical wear surface. The seamless waterproofing membrane reduces the risk of water passage to occupied areas below the resurfaced substrate. The cured system exhibits a 150% elongation.

Prior to the application of the Elastomeric membrane, the substrate is mechanically prepared; existing cracks, and/ or substrate degradation are pre-treated with an elastomer resin aggregate matrix.

All areas to receive the Fuller Substrate Resurfacer are primed with FSR low viscosity epoxy primer.

Upon cure, high tensile strength fiberglass woven roven is installed at 100% coverage to the substrate to receive the FSR system. The specific weight of the roven will range from 1102 to 2402 per square foot, depending on the degree of substrate degradation, and the type of traffic.

After the fiberglass roven is placed a trowel applied elastomer modified is trowel applied to the entire area and allowed to cure. This process encapsulates the fiberglass roven and bridges all surface fractures.

Upon cure a neat coat of FSR Elastomer coating is applied and seeded to rejection with 4.0 flintshot aggregate and allowed to cure.

Upon cure the excess sand is removed yielding a heavy profile similar to 40 grit sandpaper.

Upon cure, the polymer modified Cementitious base coat is applied by trowel application and allowed to cure 8 - 10 hours. Upon cure a topcoat is trowel applied and broom finished to achieve the desired finish texture.

The completed system is sealed with the selected color coat and performance clear coat. Upon completion of the FSR topping system, the system will be saw cut as required. The resulting system is ready for traffic the following day.

Benefits of the FSR System:

  • Rapid turnaround - Rapid Cure
  • Greater resistance to static Tire pivoting - Tenacious Bond
  • Chemical Resistant
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Multiple Color Selections if desired
  • Can be feather edged
  • Great abrasion resistance
  • Available Broom finish texture looks more like new concrete
  • Patterns available
  • Repair friendly - can be repaired and blended without having the appearance of being patched

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