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Dur-A-Chip Flooring
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Elast-O-Coat Waterproofing Membrane
Optional:  4" Epoxy Cove Base

I.  Scope:

Dur-A-Chip Seamless Flooring - is a decorative "poured in place" epoxy flooring system consisting of liquid polymers and 1/4" and 1/8" decorative chips.  It is designed to provide a terrazzo-like appearance with the benefits of a seamless floor.  Dur-A-Chips can also incorporate a seamless, sanitary cove base.  These qualities make it the ideal, long-lasting protective choice for a variety of applications.

This suggested specification covers the installation of a decorative, multi-colored, seamless epoxy surfacer.

II.  Quality Assurance

Installer Qualifications:  The installer shall be an established firm regularly engaged in the installation of troweled epoxy flooring systems, with a minimum of five year's experience in successfully applying the same or similar systems.  Provide list of completed projects, (completed by the installer) similar in size, and complexity; inclusing verifiable references of completed projects.

The installer shall be financially responsible.  The selected installer must provide certification letter from material manufacturer, endorsing installer as an approved applicator of proposed system.

Bidders desiring to use coatings other than those specified shall submit their proposal in writing at least ten days prior to the bid opening.  Substitutions that decrease the film thickness, the number of coats applied, change the generic type of coating, or fail to meet the performance criteria of the specified materials will not be approved.  Prime and finish coats of all surfaces shall be furnished by the same manufacturer.

III.  Delivery, Storage and Handling

Deliver materials to job site in manufacturer's original packages or containers, labeled with manufacturers name and brand.  Check for completeness of order and for shipping damage.

Store material in dry, enclosed area protected from exposure to moisture.  Maintain temperature of storage area between 60 and 90 degrees F.

IV.  Project Conditions

A.  New concrete shall be cured no less than 28 days utilizing a dissipating curing membrane.

Concrete must be free of hydrostatic, capillary or moisture vapor pressure.  Substrates in contact with ground must have a properly installed, effective vapor barrier to help prevent potential problems resulting from hydrostatic, capillary, or moisture vapor pressure.  Concrete must contain less than 3% moisture when tested per ASTM-1864.

  • Moisture Vapor Testing:  All concrete floors not poured over a proper moisture barrier are subject to possible moisture vapor transmission or hydrostatic pressure problems than can cause a flooring system to blister or fail.  Before applying a coating system over a concrete floor which is on-grade or below grade, the Customer should be informed of this potential problem, and given the option to have a qualified moisture testing company perform calcium chloride test to give the proper recommendations.

B.  Adequate utilities, including electricity, and proper exhaust ventilation.

Specified Note:  Heat and light are extremely important parts of the installation.  Usually these utilities are functioning before the epoxy finishes are scheduled for installation, however, in some cases the epoxy coating shall be installed prior to equipment, fixtures... Lack of these necessities can and will spoil a good installation.

C.  Work area shall be free of other trades during, and for a period of 24 hours after epoxy resinous flooring installations.

D.  Protection of finished floor from damage by subsequent trades is the responsibility of Owner and General Contractor.  New floors should be protected against scratching when moving equipment onto it.  Full chemical resistance is achieved after 7 days, prior to 7 days cure spills onto the floor should be cleaned immediately.

V.  Warranty

The installer, jointly with the manufacturer, shall furnish a standard guarantee of the epoxy flooring for a period of one year after the date of Substantial Completion.  This labor and material guarantee shall include loss of bond and degradation of the system under normal use and wear.

VI.  Submittal

A.  Product data - Submit six copies of manufacturer's specifications on specific components of the cured system, including physical and performance properties.

B.  Samples - Submit two finished samples as a representation of the finished system to verify thickness, color, and finish texture approval.

C.  Documentation - The installer shall furnish a list of projects using either the specified material, or equivalent material installed within the last five years.

D.  Maintenance instructions:  Submit manufacturer's written instructions for recommended maintenance.

VII.  Acceptable Manufacturers/Products

All approved manufacturers and approved products shall be limited to those listed below.  All approved manufacturers shall have documented installation specifications and instructions.  Only those products listed approved herein will be allowed.

Dur-A-Flex, Inc. (800) 253-3539
95 Goodwin Street
East Hartford, Connecticut 06128
No Product Substitution is permitted

Physical Properties - Dur-A-Chip Flooring

Hardness (Shore D). ASTM D-2240.....75-80
Compressive Strength...ASTM D-695.....17,500 psi
Tensile Strength.ASTM D-638. 4,000 psi
Flexural Strength ......... ASTM D-790. 6,250 psi
Tensile Elongation ......... ASTM D-638 ..... 7.5%

Complete listing of all physical properties of this product is outlined on product data sheet.

(Note:  The colors shown on the Macro Chip Color Selector Chart are only close approximations, and should not be used for specification purposes.  Please contact us to obtain actual samples for best color selection).

Flooring System Products:

  1. Elast-O-Coat Waterproofing Membrane
  2. Dur-A-Glaze #4, 100% solids Water Clear Epoxy Resin
  3. Dur-A-Gard, 100% solids epoxy basecoat
  4. Macro Chip Color Blends
  5. 4" Cove base at perimeter walls - Optional
  6. PolyThane #2 HS CRU

Use materials in prepackaged quatities and mix in accordance with manufacturers instructions.  Color selections per Architect's approval.

VII.  Execution

A.  Substrate Preparation

Concrete Surfaces:  The existing concrete substrate will be mechanically prepared to remove surface contaminates.  As required to obtain surface profile for optimum bond of flooring to concrete, and that meets the material manufacturer's requirements.

Moisture Testing:  Prior to system application the concrete substrate will be spot checked for moisture content, with a Tramex Concrete moisture encounter meter.  If the reading exceeds acceptable MVT-rates; the installation of a Moisture Vapor barrier will be required prior to system installation.  And will be priced accordingly if applicable.

Constructions Details:  Floor drains shold be installed flush with the substrate.  All existing drains are covered and taped prior to epoxy flooring installation.

Note:  This polymer flooring system follows the profile of the substrate.  If sloping to the drain is required to facilitate positive drainage; this must be addressed as a separate scope of work and will be priced accordingly if applicable.

Optional:  A 4" integral cove base shall be installed at perimeter walls.  All doorways, floor drains, and electrical outlets located in the floor will be "keyed and chased."  The purpose is to ensure a thicker topping will be applied in these areas.

B.  Product Installation:  Per the manufacturers written instructions.

WPM Base:  Elast-O-Coat waterproofing membrane will be applied to the entire surface.  Elast-O-Coat will preven water from passing through to occupied or critical areas, in the event that the epoxy floor is damaged.  This application will cure overnight.

Basecoat application:  Dur-A-Gard 100% solids Epoxy Coating will be applied; broadcast with Macro decorative chips to rejection and cure overnight.

After this procedure, and excess chips will be removed, and the surface will be lightly sanded.

Grout coat:  Dur-A-Glaze #4, 100% solids water clear epoxy will be squeegeed onto the floor and back rolled.  Smaller rollers and/or brushes will be used to trim in around all columns, walls, and other obstacles.  This application will cure per manufacturer's written specifications.

CRU Topcoat:  PolyThane #2, HS two-component chemical resitant urethane will be squeegeed onto the surface, and back rolled to ensure appearance, and texture throughout the area.  Smaller rollers and/or brushes will be used to trim in around all columns, walls, and other obstacles. 

Surface texture "Satin Finish".  This application will cure per manufacturer's written specifications.

Protection:  Protect floor-topping system when cured at temperature between 65 and 90 degrees F.

Foot traffic:  Minimum of 10 to 12 hours.

Full Physical Use:  Minimum 16-30 hours.

Cleaning:  Clean resinous flooring with cleaning materials recommended by flooring manufacturer.  Upon completion of the project, the job site will be cleaned of all unused materials, and debris.

VIII.  Certified Dur-A-Flex Approved Installer

CONTACT Russell L. Fuller with any questions regarding attached Dur-A-Chip epoxy flooring specifications, and installation pricing.

Russell L. Fuller
Fuller Industries, Inc.
61 Visco Ct.
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 255-1199 (615) 255-6922 (Fax)

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