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Decorative Flooring picYou may require several different systems in your facility and Fuller Industries, Inc. has the "flexibility" to give you exactly what you need.  Our material source's allows us to deliver the most comprehensive high quality products available.  Whether it's a thin film coating for a warehouse or a heavy duty Quartz floor in a O.R. suite, we have the right system/solution.

Our decorative seamless wear surface's are an excellent choice for both new and rehab projects.  In most cases our systems can be installed directly over hard tile, ceramic tile VCT, Sheet Vinyl, plywood and other substrates.  Typically only increasing existing surface elevations by 3/16" to 1/4."  This negates a lot of costly demo and disposal costs, not to mention time and labor savings.

bathroomOur systems meet USDA, OSHA, FDA and NSF requirements.

Our complete line of top industry performers will make your environment more attractive, more sanitary, and more chemical resistant. Broadcast or trowel applied, Fuller Industries, Inc. flooring systems install and cure rapidly for a short "down-time" period.



Deluxe multi-colored quartz aggregate fused with clear 100% solids epoxy for moderate resistance to solvents, acids and other chemicals. The top-choice for decorative flooring applications. Available in two grades-Q28, fine and Q11, coarse-for broadcast and trowel application. 

quartz 11    quartz 28

            Q11                          Q28



shopfloor 28shopfloor 11Natural quartz aggregate and pigmented Dur-A-Glaze Shop-Floor epoxy, make this the affordable industrial resurfacer. An opaque, monolithic surface hides imperfections and stands up to abuse.

              Q11                     Q28

John DeereTextures - standard slip-resistant, orange peel, and smooth

Performance Topcoats - Poly-Thane chemical-resistant, UV-stable, abrasion-resistant topcoats are available in high-gloss, low-glare satin, or flat.

Special Formulations - Bio-Pruf® anti microbial treatment, Dur-A-Glaze Novolac chemical- and heat-resistant coating, and Dur-A-Glaze Kitchen Formula.

Color: A broad range of solid colors, multi-colored blends and custom colors.



Applications Include:

example jobsKitchens


Manufacturing Plants

Pharmaceutical Plants

Research & Clean Rooms



Operating Suites

Clean Rooms

Animal Shelters

Shower/Locker Rooms

Correctional Facilities


Food Processing Plants

Garage/Service Areas



Pool Decks




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