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acid stain lobbyAcid Stain is not a paint or sealer. Acid Stain colors the concrete by creating a chemical reaction that produces vivid, marbled color by lightly etching and penetrating concrete. This results in a distinctive, variegated permanent finish that will not fade.

Beautiful hard surfaces can complement even the most contemporary decor or traditional motif. A wide range of looks can be achieved, including dramatic monochromatic treatments, combinations of solid color fields, or translucent stains used for antique effects, accents or graphic designs.

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Frequently asked questions about Acid Staining

acid stain detailWhat is an Acid Stain?

Acid Stain is not a paint or a sealer. Acid Stain colors the concrete by creating a chemical reaction. A solution with acid, inorganic salts and water reacts with minerals that are already present in the concrete. This reaction creates color.


Can I use Acid Stain anywhere I want?

Acid Stain is not for every concrete floor. The concrete MUST be bare. There can be no sealers, curing compounds, bond breakers, paints, etc. on the surface. The surface must be clean and free of grease or any other contamination that would prevent the reaction from occurring.


Is Acid Stain for interior use on Iv?

Acid Stain can be used on the interior or exterior. Some Acid Stain colors may be more sensitive to moisture and can not be used on the exterior. Verify the color being used is not moisture sensitive.


What is the most important step in my Acid Stain job?

acid stain groupSURFACE PREP is the most important step. If the surface is not thoroughly clean and free of all sealers, curing compounds, bond breakers and paints, then the Acid Stain will not react and the job will not be a success.

Will a water based sealer and solvent based sealer give the same appearance?

No. A solvent based sealer will create a darker appearance because it will penetrate deeper into the concrete than a water based sealer.


Do I always need to apply a floor finish after I apply a sealer?

A floor finish is designed for interior use only and should not be used on exterior jobs. On interior jobs a floor finish will provide an ideal finish in high traffic areas such as, schools, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and restaurants.


Will the same color look the same on different jobs?

Even when the same color is used on different jobs, a different appearance may be the result. The color will be different for many reasons such as, the different pours of the concrete, the texture, the cure time and the overall condition of the floor.


Can I intermix colors to create my own color?

Yes! Intermixing colors is common in the Acid Stain industry, this allows you to expand the color possibilities. Just a note always keep track of the "recipe" you have created so if need be it can be recreated.


How long should I allow the Acid Stain to sit on the surface before I remove the residue?

The Acid Stain should sit on the surface for at least 4 hours. You can let it sit longer. The longer you let it sit, the darker the color will be. It is common for the stain to sit overnight before the residue is removed.


I have applied the Acid Stain, removed the residue and I want the color to be darker, what can I do?

A second application of Acid Stain may be applied after the residue has been removed. This will provide a darker affect.


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